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  • balance-beans

    Balance Beans


    Thinkfun Balance Beans is a logic game and maths game all in one. Recommended for children aged 5 years and above.

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  • hoppers-solitaire



    Leap one frog over another until only the red frog remains.

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  • lunar-landing

    Lunar Landing


    Thinkfun Lunar Landing is a logic game for a single player. Recommended for children aged 8 years and above.

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  • move-and-groove

    Move & Groove


    Thinkfun Move & Groove is the perfect toddler game for your youngster! Designed to inspire movement, creativity, laughter and learning.

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  • rollercoaster-challenge

    Roller Coaster Challenge


    The Thinkfun Roller Coaster Challenge is a Thrill Ride Building Game. This award winning game provides the perfect challenge for budding engineers!

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  • amaze

    Thinkfun Amaze


    Thinkfun Amaze is an innovative maze game where the maze changes every time you play!

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  • block-by-block-5931-300.jpg

    Thinkfun Block by Block


    Thinkfun Block By Block – Creative Building Game

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  • brick-by-brick-5901-300.jpg

    ThinkFun Brick by Brick


    The Thinkfun Brick By Brick challenges you to build a symmetrical brick wall by assembling five puzzle pieces that match the image on one of 60 challenge cards. Suitable for ages 8+ years.

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  • chocolate-fix-300.jpg

    Thinkfun Chocolate Fix


    ThinkFun Chocolate Fix is a delightful game of pure deductive reasoning.

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  • gravity-maze

    Thinkfun Gravity Maze


    Build a path through the towers to get the marble to the target and you win! Thinkfun Gravity Maze is a falling marble logic game.

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  • laser-maze-1004-300.jpg
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  • Thinkfun 1044

    Thinkfun Laser Maze Jr.


    Thinkfun Laser Maze Jr. is a science logic maze game for juniors aged 6 years and above.

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